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My goal as a designer and usability practicioner is to satisfy unspoken user intents and design great user experiences. This portfolio provides samples of my work in designing prototypes with user centered design methods whether it be for physical, print, or web interfaces.

Contact me at eh@evangelinehaughney.com



TeamMail. Enhanced email for group collaboration. Final deliverable for an eight-month Master's capstone project for Sun Microsystems that explored a collaborative communications tool for Knowledge Workers.


Digital Prototyping


Web Survey Tool. Redesigned the UI for a "non-programmer friendly" survey tool built with JSP tags.

Palm V Redesign. Redesign of the Palm Pilot V scheduling module.


Home Security System.
Digital prototype of a physical device which went through five rounds of user testing.

Hospital Lobby Kiosk. Touch screen kiosk built in Flash.


Physical Prototyping


A prototype digital music player for young, urban commuters.

Robotic Flower. Interactive flower that detects presence and "waters" itself.

Empathetic Object. Exploring circuitry through an empathetic object. As you move closer, it gets angrier with flashing LEDs and chirping tones.




Web Design


DocuScope. A website announcing DocuScope, a new software application that analyzes and visualizes language.

WineBuzz. A transactional web site that recommends wine to novice wine drinkers.

MASK. The Mid-Atlantic States Knowledge-base for Kaiser Permanente consists of policies and procedures for over 10 health plan and clinical departments.



Print Design


Typography Booklet. An exploration of letterforms, legibility, hierarchy, color, typography and print layout design.

Campus Narratives. Poster design for exploring physical spaces and ways to integrate them with an interactive experience.


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